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Hair treatment

Whether your hair is greasy or your scalp dry, you think every morning that your hair loss is already important, that you have dandruff and itching, Ultym Skin Center will offer you a treatment in Institute. After a thorough examination of the hair and scalp, you receive a personalized care program for your hair problems.

The principle:

m-PEN (microneedling) combined with a Rejulight LED System treatment.

The results:
  • Mitigation of active seborrhea: decreased hair loss
  • Follicular stimulation: stimulates scalp regrowth and density

(to be added with micronutrient supplement drugs)

Treatment program:


  • Number of sessions: cure from 4 to 6 sessions
  • Frequency: 1 RF session every 15 days / 2 LED sessions each week
Session price
1 session €150
6 sessions €750

For 6 sessions purchased an LED session will be offered