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Aesthetic Care

Cosmetic treatments opt for high-quality care. You are tired, you have the features drawn and you wonder if a facial could do you good. Treatments include a facial and a relaxing massage. Cosmetic treatments bring significant benefits.

Facial care

Session price
Cocooning care at Aloe vera (1H) €75
Hyaluronic Acid Care (1h) Collagen shine ‘1H) (cleaning, scrub, magnetosis, facial modeling) €80
Botox Effect Care (a capsule) – LED

If double capsule



Peeling – LED Phototerapie (15′) €90


Well-being (massage combined with a Rejulight LED treatment)

Treatment program:
  • Length of session: 30 minutes to 45 minutes of body massage – Rejulight LED treatment
  • Frequency: 1 session per week until the condition improves
Session price
Muscle pain treatment (45′) (Tendinitis, myalgia, shingles) €80
Anti-inflammatory treatment (sciatica, joint pain) €80
Skin stress treatment, energy rebalancing (45′) €70
Muscle boosting treatment (heavy legs) €70


Lips Natural Volum

A new technique designed to increase the volume of the lips and fill the wrinkles of the nasogenian furrow and all without needles, without injections, without risk of having balls of acid, without anesthesia just by Hyaluronic acid pressure for a natural result. Our body produces hyaluronic acid in small quantities, so it is not dangerous to add more.

price Length of session Effect of treatment
0.5 ML: $120 20 to 30 minutes Between 4 and 6 months depending on the person
1 ML: $200 20 to 30 minutes Between 4 and 6 months depending on the person

You can decide for yourself what volume and effect you want.